Home Gym Designs – Where Do I Begin

When you’ve finally come to the realization that having your own workout space seems to be the best way to go, which can be the first step to an amazing fitness lifestyle, you now have the task of figuring out where you want everything to go.

There are many home gym designs out there. You just have to figure out, what’s going to work for you?  So now, the questions start.  


What Colors should I use?

That in itself can be a daunting question but hopefully the few questions I’ve set forth can help narrow it down a little.

  1. Do you want the space to remind you of your college Alma mater? If this was the time in your life when you were in your best shape, this could be a motivating factor to get you excited and pumped every time you walk into your gym. 

  2.  Do you want a calming retreat to relax yourself after a long, stressful day? Maybe you don’t want to be smacked in the face with bright colors if you’re going into your gym first thing in the morning. If so, perhaps a color more neutral or something that reminds you of ‘calm’ would be the right colors for you. 

  3. If you’re a parent as I am, everything around you (me) is pink, violet, or some shade of light blue. Perhaps a color that makes you feel like an adult would be the ideal motivation to spend as much time as possible in your gym. 

  4. What if your favorite color is all that it takes to make you happy?  This might do the trick to have you excited when you walk into your private sanctuary.

Whatever color you decide on is your personal choice but, just remember, you have to live with it so take as much time is necessary and get some color samples, so that when your home gym designs paint are complete, and you walk into your space, you’re proud of the choices you’ve made.

What Do I Want To Hear?

I’ll get right down to it. For some people, music during their workout is important as breathing. And to others, nothing beats some quiet and tranquility when they get into their private space. Either way, from my experience in different gyms, especially today, I see a lot of people with headphones on, with wires and wireless so that leads me to believe that the majority like their tunes. But, in your own space, headphones aren’t necessary because you are in command of your music (if you want it). Turntable in blue velvet case with record on a table near hats on the wall

There are many options when it comes to a sound system. You could want something as little as an Amazon Alexa, Google Home speaker, or Beats sound speaker to supply your music or you could want something like a Bose Soundwave to supply your musical entertainment or it could be something on the higher end like a Denon 50 watt per channel stereo receiver w/remote with CD player and speakers to go with it to drown out any possibility of competing noise to distract you while you’re doing your thing.

Whatever choice you decide on, I’m sure you’ll be happy with the decision you make.

Gym Layout – Where Is Everything Going To Go?

If you looked at my other post, I gave you some options on what to put in your gym depending on your space (exercise equipment for the home -what fits and what doesn’t).

Here, I’d like to keep it as simple as possible. Try to keep most of your larger equipment that takes up more space, closer to the walls. The closer you keep things to the wall, the larger the space will appear and it also gives you more room towards the center of your gym, for calisthenics, ab work, and or stretching. 

If windows are not available in your space, mirrors can help with lighting, and also help you keep your form during your exercises. Weight and storage racks are great for storing dumbbells and barbells, fitness balls, foam rollers, adjustable straps and bars.  Storage racks and hooks also help keep your space tidy and clean.

Your Space Is Your Castle

All in all, your home gym designs can be anything and everything you want them to be. You can have a little in there or as much as necessary, depending on what you’re looking to do. A fit blonde woman lifting weights at the gym

If there is anything I can do to help, please contact me at ty@homegymsupplystore.com.

Also, please leave any comments or questions below and I’ll be sure to reply.