Exercise Equipment For The Home – What Makes Sense?

The importance of choosing the right exercise equipment can be a decisive factor of whether you stick to your fitness program or not.

Is A Home Gym For Me?



When you think about it, what is the one thing a lot of people are discouraged about, as to why they can’t get to the fitness club on a regular basis? Time. We all have busy lives to live, whether it’s long hours at our jobs, long hours in the car, or hustling and bustling to get the kids where ever they need to go. At the end of the day, getting to the gym becomes less and less of a priority which is why building a home gym may be the best choice one could make.

The Importance of Choosing The Right Equipment


The right exercise equipment for the home can be an important decision when it comes to committing to a work-out regimen because, you want something that excites you.  You want to be eager to get home.  You want to be upset if you miss your workout.  Like opening a new toy for Christmas, you want your fitness equipment to give you joy when you see it and know you’re about to have a lot of fun using it.

I’m sure there are a few people who’ve purchased a piece of fitness equipment because it was the hot new thing, or there were promises made that it would do ____ in 30 days, or whatever the case was.  But did you like it?  Are you still using it?  Is it working for you?  OR is it in the spare room, or under the bed, or in the closet collecting dust?  We want you to love what you use because if you enjoy using something, even if it leaves you sore or walking funny the next day, you’re more likely to commit to using it again and again.

I’m not saying that purchasing exercise equipment for the home, like a treadmill or elliptical machine, it a bad thing. I do believe a little planning is necessary to determine exactly what it is we wish to accomplish in order to make the right decisions to build our desired home fitness gym.

What Type of Workout Am I Focusing On In My Home Gym


Having an idea of what type of workout you plan to do in your space is really important when determining what type of exercise equipment for the home you need.

We aren’t the same when it comes to what we like to do for our work-out.  Our tastes are totally different and the same goes for our fitness regimines and the results were looking for, so we don’t all need the same equipment. Having an idea of what goals you’re looking to achieve will play a part in what type of equipment you use. Whether you want to add muscle, lose body fat, tone, improve endurance, jump higher, run faster, or be the strongest person in the room, there is specific equipment available that will assist you to do the right job.

I’ve provided a list below of the different types equipment used in certain types of regimens. Not all pieces belong to only one list but I wanted to give you a little breakdown to help narrow down bustling need:

  • Strength Training – Barbells, Dumbbells, weight bench, free weights, plates, kettle bells, medicine balls 
  • Cardio Training – Treadmills, Elliptical Machine, Rowing Machine, Stationary Bike, Ski Machine, Jump Ropes 
  • Resistance Training – Universal Machine Station, Resistance Bands, Thera Bands, TRX 
  • Yoga/Pilates – Mats, rings, Cadillac machine, reformer, maple pole, stability chair, yoga blocks, yoga balls 
  • Balance/stretching – Stability Balls, stretch cords, foam roller, Bosu ball, balance pillows, boards, balance beams 
  • Speed/Agility – Training Sleds, parachutes, speed ladders, cones, training ropes
  • Boxing / Kickboxing – Gloves, Muay Thai Mitts, Heavy Bags, Speed Bags, Wraps, Weighed Vests 
  • Flooring / Storage – Polyurethane and Rubber, wood, concrete, carpet, hooks, stands, wall mounts, racks

Any one of these from above or a combination of many, may be just what you need. As you can see, there are plenty of options that can help you achieve your optimum goal.

We are here to help in any way possible to help you get what’s necessary for you to reach your goal.

How Much Space Do I Have To Create My Home Gym

A woman doing a pull up at the gym for bodybuilding training

The amount of space in your house, apartment, room, garage, or basement available will determine what types and how many pieces of exercise equipment makes the most sense. If your space is very limited, you may only have enough space for a stability ball (which can be used as your bench), or a Step, which could be used as a bench or used for cardio, a Bosu ball, a good multi-weight dumbbell set, resistance bands, and a mat.

If you have wall space but not a lot of floor space, using hooks and shelf systems may be the better option for a small space to ensure you still have different options for equipment and have plenty of storage without having a crowded look.

If you have a door that can close, a TRX might be just what the doctor ordered. Whether you have as little as a 5 x 5, an entire room, a garage, or an entire basement, there is equipment available that everyone can use in their space.

If ample space is available and not an issue, a Universal Multi-Station Home Gym may be your calling.  There are a plethora of options and price points to choose from depending on your budget.

How Many Are Using The Space Together

The number of people using your space at the same time may influence the amount of exercise equipment for the home gym you need. Also, if you have individuals at different fitness levels, that will also play a part in what type of equipment is used. But to be honest, the only difference in the equipment may be the amount of weight or resistance used.

Partner training may be possible in your home gym as long as the space is adequate and you’ve made the right choices for your fitness equipment.

You Now Have All The Tools Necessary To Decide On Your Equipment For Your Perfect Home Gym


I’ve provided you with all the tools necessary to make your perfect home gym a reality. No longer will you have to worry about making it to the gym before it closes. No longer will you have to pack all of your work clothes, hair products, deodorant, or shoes to get to the gym before you go into the office. No longer will you have to squeeze in as much time as time allows after the long workday is done.

You now have the means to make your perfect workout space exactly the way you want it. Play the music you want to hear, and work your body the way you want to.

If need any assistance at all, give us a call or email us at ty@homegymsupplystore.com and we’ll help in any way.